<Belgrade Venture Forum/>

Our Speakers

<Ceo of Celsius Network/>

Alex Mashinski

<Vice President of Worldwide AI Initiatives at Nvidia/>

Keith Strier

<Executive Director at Government Blockchain Association/>

Gerard Dache

<President @ Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia/>

Marko Čadež

<CEO, LTSE Software/>

Tihomir Bajić

<Chief Investment Officer - San Francisco 49ers/>

Brano Perkovich

<Luigi Amati Chairman @ Business Angels Europe/>

Luigi Amati

<Partner @ Earlybird Venture Capital/>

Dan Lupu

<Managing Partner at South Central Ventures/>

Jan Kobler

<Managing Partner Catalyst Romania VC Fund/>

Mariius Ghenea

<VC @ Credo/>

Alex George

<COO at Infobip/>

Roberto Kutić

<Group CEO at Centili/>

Zoran Vasiljev

<Investor and Product Development Advisor at Polygon (Previously Matic Network)/>

John Lilich

<General Partner at Sanara Capital/>

Uri Adoni

<CEO & Co-Founder MVP and Board member at Serbian Venture Network/>

Ivan Bjelajac

<Parallel Entrepreneur & Angel Investor/>

Evan Luthra

<CEO at Digital Serbia Initiative/>

Nebojša Đurđević

<Principal of 7L Capital Partners/>

Salvator Levis

<Global Managing Partner @ Global Traction/>

Imre Hild

<Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer at Swiss Rockets/>

Dr. Vladimir Cmiljanović

<CTO, Co-Founder at Orgnostic, Founder of Seven Bridges/>

Igor Bogićević

<Investment Director @ Flashpoint/>

Márton Medveczky

<Managing Partner at Aristagora Venture Capital/>

Moshe Sarfaty

<International General Counsel at Emerging Technology Association/>

Gordon Einstein

<Partner at Catalyst Romania/>

Alin Stanciu

<Advisor at Office of the Prime Minister of Serbia/>

Stefan Badza

<Head od the Innovation fund/>

Ivan Rakonjac

<Dubravko Culibrk, director at AI Institute of Serbia/>

Dubravko Culibrk

<Manager @Science Technology Park Belgrade/>

Gordana Danilović Grković

<Business Development Consultant at Free-lance, Women Enterprises/>

Agnes Puskas

<Director for Entrepreneurship and Investments/>

Dušan Vasiljević

<Co-Founder & CEO @ Bridge/>

Ognjen Vuković

<Co-founder Debutify and Quick Evolve/>

Rickey Hayes

<CEO and Cofounder at Anari AI/>

Jovan Stojanovic

<Founder of Stark/>

Thore Hauthal

<Executive Director / Partner @ICT HUB/>

Kosta Andric

<VC @ ICT Hub Venture/>

Milos Matic

<Global eCommerce Director Sport Vision/>

Zorana Milidrag

<Entrepreneur & Executive Advisor Software & Cyber Security, ML & AI/>

Dragan Pleskonjić

Deputy Chairman of the Managing Board @Raiffeisen Bank/>

Petar Jovanović

<CEO @NLB Bank Belgrade/>

Branko Greganović


Schuster Tanger

<The French Futurist/>

Jean-Christophe Bonis

<Co-Founder and CEO @ Tenderly/>

Andrej Benčić

<Co-Founder Polygon />

Mihajlo Bjelić

<Senior Research Scientist at DeepMind/>

Petar Veličković

<Vice Dean for Research at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing/>

Nikola Mišković

<Director, Business Development at Payoneer/>

Nikola Mehandžić

<BattlePass Ambassador/>

Alex Migitko

<Chief Executive Officer/>

Jonathan Galea

<Phd CFA Director/>

Vladimir Pavlovic

<actress, model & writer/>

Stoya Pornografic

<Global Head of Client Success Ledger/>

Jerome de Tychey

<Engineering Lead at Polygon SDK/>

Vuksan Simunović

<Director of Global Development at Government Blockchain Association/>

Jovan Marjanovic

<CEO at ConsenSys/>

Joseph Lubin

<Chief Architect @ Celsius Network/>

Carl Hua

<CEO of Kaiko/>

Amber Soubiran

<President at Serbian Venture Network and CDO at MK Group/>

Aleksandar Bijelić

<Director for IT and Entrepreneurship at Office of the Prime Minister of Serbia/>

Nenad Paunović

<General manager of Serbian venture Network/>

Emilija Ivančajić

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